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      Mark Gonzales

      In the pantheon of skateboarding’s greats, Mark Gonzales has claim to its throne. His influence, creativity, and masterful madness have kept him relevant for 30 years––over half of those with adidas. He’d prefer to shy away from those superlatives though, and instead lug his launch ramp around the NYC streets.

      Front Board in Miami

      Ollie under a freeway overpass

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      Dennis Busenitz

      Dennis Busenitz skates like he’s late for work, tackling all obstacles with a speed and precision that leaves onlookers in awe. Over his career his distinct hard-charging technical style has set a precedent for street skating that few can ever hope to reach.

      Kickflip in Miami

      Backside 180 in Oakland

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      Silas Baxter-Neal

      Owning nearly all the accolades and awards skateboarding has to offer, Silas Baxter-Neal achieved them without gimmick, without pomp, by being a skateboarder’s skateboarder––with style, trick selection, and absolutely no bias towards what he skates.

      Nosegrind in Atlanta

      Wallride Kickflip out in Moscow

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      Lucas Puig

      Lucas Puig is a technical virtuoso on a skateboard, and in an age where LA is still the center of the skateboarding universe, the Toulouse FR native is also redefining his own career. Using social media he’s able to constantly remind us of just how damn good he is and that living in LA is no longer a necessity.

      Backside Shifty Transfer in New York

      Frontside Flip over pyramid in London

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      Rodrigo TX

      Rodrigo TX was one of the first on the wave of wildly talented Brazilians to bust onto the scene in the early 2000s, and he’s remained at the top of the game 15 years later. His smooth style, laid back approach, and inclination for innovation the likely reasons why.

      Tailslide in Brazil

      Backside 180 in Long Beach

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      Daewon Song

      From the never-ending schoolyard lines to the mini ramp mayhem of Cheese and Crackers, Daewon Song has the unique ability to perceive terrain differently. His emphasis is always on fun, which is easy to do when you have board control like his. His energy, talent, and experience bring a new dynamic to the adidas program.

      frontside 180 fakie 5-0 in Los Angeles

      Kickflip to fakie in Los Angeles

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      Benny Fairfax

      A nomadic Brit, Benny Fairfax has been taking his smooth style from one end of the Earth to the other over the course the last few years, constantly in search of the best spots the planet has got to offer.

      Frontside Pop Shove-it in New York

      Backside Wallride Kickflip Out in London

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      Nestor Judkins

      One doesn’t need to look further than the mags or video parts he puts out to see that Nestor Judkins just looks good on a skateboard. Calling NYC home for a number of years now, if you visit you may just be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of his smooth, effortless style cruising through the Big Apple.

      Backside Tailslide in Moscow

      Nosegrind Pop Out in Vancouver

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      Mark Suciu

      The TWS Reader’s Choice and Best Rookie 2014 award winner is as prolific as he is technical and stylish on his board, having put out seven video parts in the last five years. All that work has paid off in the form of his first shoe, the Suciu ADV.

      Backside Noseblunt in Philadelphia

      Switch Nose Manual in Paris

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      Jake Donnelly

      Be it the rough spots or lack of spots altogether, there is something about the way the East Coast rears its skateboarders that seems to gift them with a deep well of pop, style and creativity – all of which Buffalo, New York’s Jake Donnelly possesses in abundance.

      Slappy 50-50 in Miami

      Ollie from curbcut in Miami

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      Alec Majerus

      The absolute destruction Alec Majerus inflicts upon any spot or contest he hits belies the true kindness of the young man. From Rochester, Minnesota to travelling the world, he’s kept true to himself and only seems to know one way to go-up.

      Noseblunt Slide in Irvine

      Backside Flip in Atlanta

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      Na-kel Smith

      Na-kel Smith has gone from the streets and schoolyards of LA to travelling the world skating the best spots it has to offer as FA’s newest pro. The future's looking bright for him, and judging by his perma-smile, he knows it too.

      Nollie Kickflip in Los Angeles

      Pop Shove-it in London

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      Tyshawn Jones

      Tyshawn Jones isn’t even old enough to vote and he’s already laid the groundwork for a lasting legacy. With standout footage in Supreme’s Cherry and subsequent web edits, things are looking good for TJ.

      Nosegrind in Miami

      Backside Overcrook in New York

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      Jack Fardell

      Jack Fardell took his gritty all-terrain Aussie style from his motherland and brought it stateside a few years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Conquering spots long thought unconquerable, Jack is on a path of destruction and isn’t showing signs of slowing down soon.

      Front Feeble in San Francisco

      Frontside Five-0 in San Francisco

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      Magnus Bordewick

      Magnus Bordewick skates like a man who’s known his fair share of long winter days of no sun and isn’t wasting time any chance he gets on his board. Hailing from Oslo, Norway he approaches every session with speed, spontaneity, and massive pop that keeps his skating fresh as a sheet of arctic snow.

      360 Flip at Southbank in London

      Magnus in Berlin

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      Nora Vasconcellos

      Big airs, big bowls, and no hesitation for any spot she has in her sights, Nora Vasconcellos has quickly carved out her place in skateboarding with an enigmatic energy and signature style on all terrain. Originally from Pembroke, Massachusetts, she now resides in Southern California.

      360 Flip in Queens, NY

      Frontside air in Brooklyn, NY

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      Chewy Cannon

      Chewy Cannon’s quick feet, unique style and tricks have been bringing attention to the London streets for years. Now living in Barcelona, the Palace pro is without a doubt one of the UK’s best exports.

      Switch Frontside Boardslide in New York

      Frontside Boardslide in London

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      Klaus Bohms

      Leading the charge in the streets of his homeland, Brazil, Klaus Bohms plays no favorites, skating anything and everything in his path with a power and style that makes you want to just sit and watch.

      Fakie Ollie in Miami

      Wallie in Moscow

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      Raul Navarro

      Raul Navarro is the unofficial mayor of Sants. One of Spain’s premiere ledge technicians, Raul has been living in and destroying the streets of Barcelona long before it became skateboarding's mecca.

      Kickflip to Fakie in Barcelona

      Fakie Pop Shove-it in Barcelona

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      Günes Özdogan

      It’s mind boggling how fast Günes Özdogan skates while doing some of the most technically difficult tricks – his level of control is unreal. Maybe it’s a Swedish thing?

      Frontside 180 nosegrind in Paris

      Frontside Flip from bump in Barcelona

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      Dennis Durrant

      Australia’s Dennis Durrant has been innovating with power and grace since he first came on the scene with Popwar skateboards. His welcome to adidas part a few years back still blows minds – Fakie Flip Crook on a handrail? Yikes.

      Ollie over fountain in Melbourne

      Backside Nosegrind up a ledge in Cyprus

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      Kevin Lowry

      Quiet Canadian killer Kevin Lowry is something special on a skateboard. Style, pop, trick selection, and the drive to root out hidden skate spot gems - it’s no wonder Habitat made him an International pro.

      Ollie from bump into bank in Seville

      Backside wallride over a toilet in Brooklyn

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      Gustav Tønneson

      Coming through the ranks of the highly successful Swedish skate brand Sweet, this humble, quiet Norwegian has let his skateboarding do all the talking. Like many European skaters, Gustav migrated to the skate mecca of Barcelona. Now riding for Sour and making his full debut in Away Days, we can’t wait for the next installment.

      Switch wallie into bank in Barcelona

      Nollie inward heelflip in Barcelona

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      Blondey McCoy

      Blondey served his apprenticeship in the flourishing London skateboard scene. Already an established artist and model, Blondey takes inspiration from the diversity found on the streets of London. After traveling extensively with the adidas team during 2015, Blondey was officially announced in Away Days.

      Pivot to fakie in Gran Canaria

      Ollie in Gran Canaria